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Silicone Dust Caps

The Uni-Cap is hygienically moulded in one piece from FDA compliant pure silicone rubber, offering a durable easy-clean solution to containment of powder during transfer.

Standard material is translucent silicone, but special colours can be supplied subject to quantity and colour request. A corresponding range of stainless steel support rings is also available, manufactured from 316L stainless steel; various surface finishes can be provided.

Powder containment is a major issue in the process industries, the Uni-Cap has been designed to help manufacturers comply with the stringent standards required.

The dust caps help to contain powder and create a safer working environment, ensuring operators are fully protected during the transfer stage of powder processing.

By integrating the cap itself with stainless steel support rings, the Uni-Cap system provides a very simple and cost effective way of creating a ‘closed-system’.

Features and Benefits


  • Dust tight connection

  • FDA compliant silicone

  • Excellent GMP design

  • Durable and easy-clean

  • No tools required

  • Hygienic stainless steel support rings

  • Fast and reliable assembly

Technical Specification

Dust Cap Material of Construction: FDA compliant silicone (FDA CFR 177.2600)
Support Ring Material of Construction: 316L stainless steel7


Nominal Diameter Maximum Inlet
Spigot Dia.
Height Part No.
60 mm 50 mm 33 mm 736564
200 mm 150 mm 40 mm 736570
250 mm 200 mm 36 mm 736565
315 mm 265 mm 32 mm 736567
400 mm 350 mm 32 mm 736572
Nominal Diameter Maximum Inlet
Spigot Dia.
Height Part No.
8"T/C 150 mm 25 mm 736561


Nominal Diameter Outside Diameters Height Part No.
57 mm 60 mm 50 mm 735688
200 mm 204 mm 50 mm 735689
246 mm 250 mm 50 mm 735690
314 mm 318 mm 50 mm 735691
400 mm 404 mm 50 mm 735692


Typical Applications

Covering of an inlet when not in use.
Dust free transfer from IBC to IBC
Milling into an IBC
Vacuum conveying into an IBC
Used on underside of IBC outlet valves during transportation to contain powders



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