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Lump Breakers

The Hanningfield Lump Breaker, also known as a ‘pre-breaker’ or ‘kibbler’ is an excellent means of breaking large lumps of agglomerated material.

The Hanningfield Lump Breaker is used for reducing large lumpy material prior to further processing such as size reduction milling and fine grinding. The compact design makes the unit easy to fit within existing production set-ups.

The Lump Breaker is capable of extremely high throughput, up to 10,000 kgs/hr.

The Lump Breaker is designed to give the ultimate performance in the pre-breaking of large agglomerated material, such as powder or foodstuffs.

The Hanningfield Lump Breaker operates using a twin rotor contra-rotating shaft system. The twin rotor design pulls material into the size reduction zone increasing throughput efficiency.

The Hanningfield Lump Breaker is robustly constructed in stainless steel and is available in full hygienic easy-clean execution. The end cover can be quickly removed to gain access the twin rotors and breaker arms.

The Lump Breaker can also be integrated the Uni-Mill cone mill to provide an integrated solution for the size reduction of large particles to a fine particle size.

The Lump Breaker is cGMP compliant and ATEX/Explosion Proof versions are available.

The Lump Breaker is designed and manufactured by Hanningfield Process Systems at our UK Headquarters.

Features and Benefits

Stainless steel construction Low maintenance, easy-clean design Compact Size Low mounting space External outbound bearings ATEX Versions available.

Technical Specification:

Throughput: Up to 10,000 kgs/hr Inlet dimensions: 450mm x 550mm Motor Power: 2.2kW.

Typical Applications:

Pre-breaking of pharmaceutical powders Breaking of food products for re-use Can be integrated with the Uni-Mill to provide the ultimate size reduction solution.