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Ytron "ZC" Zyclon

Ytron ZC Principle:
The powder is sucked in by the strong negative pressure created by the ZC-reactor head. Immediately after contacting the liquid phase, the powders are instantly wetted and thoroughly dispersed. The process is actually completed before the powder is fully hydrated.

Due to the extremely short time shear forces are applied, the process is very gentle. In most cases a single pass operation ensures that even when processing extremely shear-sensitive thickeners and gelling agents, the highest viscosity's are achieved



  • Extremely difficult to wet out powders are processed in one pass.

  • No air entrainment other that the occluded air in the powder phase.

  • Batch time reduced to the minimum.

  • Perfectly wetted out products are achieved within the shortest time.

  • Significantly higher yield due to an intensive wetting out of the powders.

  • SIP and CIP.

Ytron "ZC"