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Silicone Connecting Sleeves

The Uni-Connect silicone sleeve system is ideal for connecting two items of process equipment using Tri-Clover type couplings. The use of a flexible connector provides a simple, effective method of height adjustment and also compensates for misalignment.

The Uni-Connect system is a simple, cost effective method for joining two items of process equipment where a temporary dust-tight connection is required. The use of the flexible connection is ideal for material transfer and can be used to dampen any vibration problems.

The Uni-Connect system incorporates the use of Tri-Clover clamps and ferrules to ensure simple integration into any product transfer situation. Using Tri-Clovers also ensures the transfer piece has a smooth bore avoiding unnecessary ledges or product traps. The Uni-Connect is moulded in one piece for FDA compliant silicone rubber. The silicone material complies with FDA 177, 2600 and is translucent.

Features and Benefits


  • Dust tight connection

  • FDA compliant silicone

  • Excellent GMP design

  • Durable and easy-clean

  • No tools required

  • Hygienic stainless steel support rings

  • Fast and reliable assembly

Technical Specification

Material of Construction: FDA compliant silicone (FDA CFR 177.2600) Support Ring Material of Construction: 316L stainless steel

Uni Connnect Sizes

Diameters Length
2'' 40 mm
4'' 40 mm
6'' 50 mm
8'' 50 mm
10'' 60 mm
12'' 70 mm

Typical Applications

Compensation for the misalignment of process machinery inlets and outlets
Dust tight connection between two machines
Dust free transfer from IBC to IBC
Milling into an IBC
Vacuum conveying into an IBC



Providing easy and fast sanitary connections.

  • Connects non-aligned process equipment. Easier connection of non-adjustable machinery parts.
  • Handle temperature driven contraction and expansion.
  • Reduce vibrations between equipment parts.
  • A wide range of sizes is available Compatible with many different standards.
  • Make a smooth sanitary connection compared to "old" connecting methods. Improve the product flow and decrease the retention of  product.
  • Makes it easy to clean through easy access.
  • Range of operating temperature is -20C to 140C.






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